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Meeting Roles

How do you perform your role at the meeting?

The Confident Speakers Club has developed its own checklist for each meeting role as well as a more detailed description on how to do most roles. These are specific to how the club runs its meetings and what a member is expected to do when assigned to these roles. They are a PDF document you can download and print out.

The checklist are one page long in large type designed for you to use as a guide while performing each role.  Copies of each checklist are available inside the club lectern as well.


 Toastmaster Roles and Responsibilities Club 4199

Toastmaster Meeting Checklist

Topic Master

Table Topics Master Role

Topic Master Check List

General Evaluator

General Evaluator Role

General Evaluator Check List

Speech Evaluator

Evaluations that Matter

Super in-depth guide on how to evaluate a speech

Over 40 pages on how to give effective evaluations created by Toastmasters South Australia. This includes actual examples of how to do everything.

Time Keeper

Time Keeper Checklist

Ahh Counter / Grammarian

Ahh Counter – Grammarian Role